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3 Phase Program


Introduction Center

For three to five months, the student resides in a residential atmosphere, which helps her adjust to a new life.  Each woman is assigned a mentor who offers her spiritual guidance to meet her personal needs in a loving, caring, and safe environment.  She immediately begins Bible classes that introduce her to learn practical, successful Christian living.  Chapel services are Monday through Thursday at 1130am preceded by prayer and worship.  We welcome friends and visitors to come join us at this time. The ladies are disciplined in self-care areas, and they are scheduled with daily chores for the upkeep of the home.  We also take time out for recreation, fellowship and fun.


Training Center

Phase 2 is a more concentrated approach lasting approximately 6-9 months, providing the opportunity to address the sometimes-painful issues of past hurts and choices.  It is in this phase where more intense inner healing takes place through intensive pastoral counseling and mentorship. The coursework in phase two helps facilitate a deeper relationship with Christ that allows each woman to recognize her true value and worth.



After the women have completed the first two phases of the program, they have an opportunity to transition to a much larger property located just 5 minutes away!  It is at this phase of the program where they are offered an additional 12 months to help prepare them for their transition back into our communities. We help them to set attainable goals, and they participate in parenting and nutrition classes. We also partner with the literacy council to help provide GED classes to those who may need it.   We help them find full-time employment, purchase a vehicle, and help with their housing, and daycare needs upon transition. A large percentage of the women we serve have made mistakes in their pasts and have a criminal background, but we work with Workforce Connection to help assist with these obstacles which is imperative to a successful transition. Our core values are rooted in Christ, and the women are discipled in the ways of the Lord so that they transition back out into our communities as productive members. 

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